"Never let me go "
ne me quitte pas

Hi. I'm Rachel. I'm 23, I live near Dallas, and I work in a grocery store. I like small animals and long walks on the beach, and I knit things every once in a while.

My geeky Whovian blog is here

The 1975
Sex (6,105)
Tennis Court (32,117)
Royals (1,741)
A Song For You (912)
The Microphones
I Felt Your Shape (1,381)
Death Cab For Cutie
Cath... (1,413)
Yann Tiersen
Déjà Loin (459)
Fleet Foxes
Sim Sala Bim (1,761)
Best Coast
Up All Night (457)

Is Tropical // Dancing Anymore

Vampire Weekend
Worship You (2,456)


You hid there last time, you know we’re gonna find you.

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Because it broke :/